Live from Passion

As human beings, we strive to find and define what harmony is or what it feels like for us individually. We live in an era in which the demands on the Body-Mind-Spirit are increasing and the formulas for health are many.

The evolution of our consciousness is such that we are now starting to grasp the idea that well-being for a human living in our complex societies and cultures is holistic, rather than a compartmentalized, dissociated analysis, the Body-Mind-Spirit being interconnected.

Everyone with whom Fabrice works has a unique set of goals with a variety of interests on how they can best achieve them. Below are some of Fabrice’s areas of expertise and once he has the opportunity to meet with you, he will develop a custom program that best suits your needs.

Yoga & bodywork

Fabrice firmly believes that everyone has an opportunity to heal Body, Psyche and Spirit by everyday simple and individually tailored practices that then lead to what we yearn for the most: freedom and joy to live and share with others.

holistic healing

For Fabrice tapping the wisdom of the body is a path to holistic healing and balance restoration. The body has answers the mind can’t reveal.

ART performance

Fabrice’s workshops combine artistic expression through music, dance, movement and poetry with psychological awareness and communication for advancement of healing, wellness, balance and personal change.

What seems impossible today will soon become your reality when you find your Core.

Doing the yoga sessions with Fabrice made a day really, truly a different day than any other. It was a life changing experience.

Veit, Germany

To call Fabrice a massage therapist or a body worker is an incredible understatement. He truly is a light worker in a human body and any time I’m back in Pura Vida he is the one I’ll call to come bring me some peace, serenity and to just improve my overall well-being.

Feather, Pura Vida