My passion to unlock the mysteries of different therapeutic venues for myself and others, lead me to creating a multi-disciplinary form of therapy that heals on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

My founding of CORE Healing is a culmination of over 20 years of study and self-exploration combined with my desire to support others in discovering the light within connected to inner strength.

With over 30 years of experience in the art of holistic healing, I offer clients the opportunity to restore their personal balance by tapping into the wisdom of their body. Sessions with me can guide you on a path of emotional release, awareness, and insight that heal on a deep and primordial level.

Recognizing that each person requires a specialized approach, I work with you to support you to navigate the map of your body, to free your mind and soul from the deeper pain and defenses that many of us are not aware exist within.

After letting go of the pain we hold in life, naturally comes JOY in life.

I started to simultaneously study and be a patient at the International Primal Training Center in Los Angeles California, where Dr Arthur Janov and Dr France Janov are leading a practice based on healing the psyche and neurosis of their patients, the exploration of the mind. Four years later, in 1996, I delved into bodywork of many different kinds, starting with classes at the Institute of Psycho Structural Balance, which soon after, naturally connected me to the Yogic world and Breath work.

Continuing to practice those different modalities, I started studying with different Shaman and Medicine Women, in Hawaii, France and the US to better understand and reawaken my own inherent abilities. What I am presenting to you, is the synthesis of those experiences, classes and seminars I have received and led, up to now.

The main ingredient being love, the binding element in recipes capable of being sustainable for humans these days. When a child grows with love, s/he naturally unfolds in the optimum potential s/he is here to simply live. We all possess a specific blueprint lodged in our very DNA, an encoding which, if taped into, reveals our full potential and leads us to the meaningful life we are meant to live. That individual blueprint lives in our being, ready to be awakened by LAW: Love Awareness and Wisdom.

Many civilizations have left treasures/maps/ systems, legacies to unlock those virtues we human-beings can source ourselves from, to live harmoniously on our beloved Earth. Happiness is our birthright.