Art Performances

Fabrices Art Performance workshops and classes are dynamic and eye-opening. The body is seen as a map, a vessel in which an amazing and essential knowledge can be re-awakened through a specific type of breathing and more dynamic fun physical movements.

Move your body, breathe and the rest will follow…

With a melange of movement, sound, breath and play, Fabrice will playfully lead you in an exploration of the energy centers in your body and how to connect your physical to your Mind, Spirit & Soul.

The Law show

LAW is an acronym for “Love, Awareness and Wisdom”. It is a soul enlivening play. It speaks about today’s world with authenticity. It offers an opportunity to heal while watching the dancers and their expression on earthly experiences with a twist of fun because if not, then what’s the point of it all?!

Performing has been Fabrice’s passion since childhood. He grew up preparing performances with his sister and cousins for his family during vacations.

He has a bachelor’s degree in performance arts. While on Maui, Hawaii in 1999, he was a part of the “Irredecence,” a local theatre performance troupe. In 2001, on the Big Island he performed in “Hair”, lead by one of the co-producer of the original movie.

Over the last 25 years he performed on and off as a dancer in artist friend’s performances around the world and art exhibit openings in the Los Angeles region which was his home-base for 15 years. He joined Lucent Dossier, an LA performance troupe in 2007. He mostly performed as a dancer and actor in a Burlesque setting.

Fabrice met his partner – Eva – on the dance floor at The Burning Man and that was their life performance, remembering their sacred contract to reunite again.

In 2017, he was hired as a dancer and actor by the Singer Margot Day to perform in two of her music videos. On several occasions and in different venues around the world, he hosted trance dances ceremonies, taught yoga, movement, breath and Tantra workshops. He also trained at Circus Island in Nicaragua with Momentum.

Same year he performed as an actor and dancer for the “Song of the Sirens” in Puerto Viejo, being the only man among 30 women in the show. His partner Eva was the MC and also performed in the show.

In 2018 Eva and Fabrice hosted and orchestrated a show where the local community gathered, eat and drank, cabaret style.

Fabrice has been into holistic health for 30 years, firstly for his own wellbeing, then as a health practitioner and coach. He feels a strong pull to synergise it with performances in an authentic, fun and witty way, which he believes to be a part of his service to the world.