Holistic Healing

For Fabrice tapping the wisdom of the body is a path to holistic healing and balance restoration. The body has answers the mind can’t reveal.

In fact, the body can bypass the defences of the mind. It is with this insight that Fabrice is able to guide and induce positive results with his clients. People come seeking relief from stress, pain, low energy, inability to focus, depression, unhealthy habits, addictions and various ailments or the simple desire for greater health and well-being. Fabrice not only provides a safe and compassionate environment for people to unwind in their healing, but also gives them a tailored system that fits their lifestyles and routines, so they can practice on their own and provide healing for themselves.

Fabrice offers twelve massage modalities:

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Watsu, Cranio-Sacral, Thai, Lomi-Lomi, Esalen, Reiki, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue Compressive, Rebirthing, Organs Massage

Fabrice puts an emphasis on the importance of proper breathing. He is often quoted as saying “where oxygen is, toxins cannot live”. What we bring into our body is truly as important as what we release. It is restoring this balance that Fabrice is very passionate in advocating.

Wellness sessions with Fabrice are inspired by over 20 years of professional experience and a rich training in a unique style of body work and various healing modalities using the body as the main access point. His continual quest for wisdom and greater well-being is evident in his own life and deep professional knowledge.