Julie, France

Fabrice takes “well-being” to another dimension. He truly is interested in you as a human being and is committed to help you get well in every way.

Through extensive years of living in different countries and intensive practice of dance, tai chi and various yoga methods he became a master of his own body, mind and soul. On his way he perfected his own way of teaching method which incorporates different body and spiritual teachings to correspond to your bodyʼs needs. He also introduced us to a very effective 10min daily exercise called “ The Five Tibetan Rites” which is an outstanding alignment of short exercises that instantly tone and empower your entire body and help you destress. It is beautiful to watch Fabrice in action, as his movements and words are always full of love, strength and inspiration.

Another discipline that Fabrice masters like no other is the technique of deep tissue massage. He uses an own composition where he blends his skills of different techniques such as tai massage, cranio-sacral therapy, activation of the lymphatic and endocrine system and chakra opening methods. His ability to help you regain your chi, overall health and well-being is outstanding.

My deep gratitude for having had the chance to work with Fabrice will last forever! Pura Vida!